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As raw material are used the travertine blocks quarrying from the “Multi Group Stone�? own quarry with 90ha area in Ararat region.

Quarrying is performed by the most contemporary mining technologies with the application of the diamond-wire sawing machines, chain saw machines with the blades of 2.00, 3.25, 4.00 meters long, hydraulic jacks , pneumatic bags plant and down-the-hole drills produced by “Benetti�? company (2003-2004) as well as mining transportation and loading machines produced by ‘Kamatsu�?, “Kato�?, “Stalova Vola�? and “CHZPT�?, which makes possible to produce blocks according to the international standards.

In October 2004 additional investments were made. New mining and transport equipment intended for quarry operation of stone deposits was purchased: the wheel loader Volvo L220D with special quick-coupler device to replace the dipper with fork for loading the blocks up to 20 tons and the heavy excavator Volvo EC 390 equipped with dipper and ripper.

Since June 2002 the company has invested about USD8 million in quarrying and the factory of tiles production. 400 working places were opened on the quarry and the factory. Italian experts were invited to conduct trainings to improve the qualification of the employees.

Geological structure

The deposit of “Multi Group Stone�? company with an area of 90 hectares has simple geological structure. The main rocks to the South consist from travertine of middle quaternary age with the lowering of relief on 5-8 degrees. Travertine bed has the capacity of 15-27m. Travertine is divided into sub layers by inter-contact cut.

The sub layers are separated by horizontal calcareous layer with the capacity of 0.5-2.0 m. The layers are spread through inter-contact transverse slots. The availability of aragonite, hematite and psilomelan often color the travertine in layers from milк-white to grey-yellowish.

As per physical and mechanical characteristics, Ararat valley’s travertine conforms to the requirements of the international standards to produce blocks used in technology of tile production. As per chemical composition Ararat travertine is distinguished by low content of iron-magnesite oxide.

Specific total natural activity of radioactive nuclides of travertine makes 8-10 micro roentgens per hour and its production is rated as first-class. As per the requirements of the norms of radioactive safety, travertine can be used in any kind of construction without any restrictions.